About True North Training

As the owner of True North Training Solutions, I believe that clear and positive communication skills are the keys to a successful relationship with your pet. Your dog doesn't speak your language, so you need to learn how to speak Dog. I can show you how!


Small class size enables me to prioritize your, and your dog's, training needs In addition to addressing typical dog behavior and training issues, I provide expert coaching for training challenges specific to you and your dog.

I know that sharing your life with a dog can be a rewarding experience, but it can also provide some unique challenges and frustrations, especially in today's hectic and crowded environment. Would you prefer the convenience of training at your home? I offer private training consultations in the Redding, Shasta City, Palo Cedro and Anderson area. True North's gentle, positive training methods can help you bring out the best in your dog by developing the behavior and social skills needed for your lifestyle.

Is your dog exhibiting problem behavior? I can also help with the resolution or management of issues that can negatively impact the experience you have with your dog and the quality of your dog's life, such as house training problems, excessive barking, overly excitable behavior (jumping up, unable to self-calm), anxiety, and reactivity to other dogs or people.

True North's approach solves problems, prevents new problems before they arise, and rewards your efforts with the joy of taking a positive approach to working with your dog as a team to build a lifelong bond. Positive reinforcement ensures that you and your dog build a long-lasting relationship that is based on current best practices in canine behavior science and ethology, and gets great results! Our goal is to teach you how to communicate what you want your dog to do more effectively, for your dog to learn the benefits of reliably and enthusiastically following your instructions, and for both you and your dog to have fun in the process.

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