At True North Training Solutions, we believe that clear and positive communication skills are the keys to a good relationship with your companion or professional dog. We are committed to excellence, innovative training methods, and positive results.


We’ll help you train a pet you can live with.

YOU CAN learn how to speak "Dog"
Positive Dog Training

Reward and management based training is the most effective and easiest approach to teaching your dog. All my training methods use only positive reinforcement with treats, games and no choke or pinch collars. You'll love the results!

Talented Teacher

I have extensive education and experience in the field of animal behavior, including many species, with a primary focus on companion dogs. My training approach is dog and people friendly.


Offering private lessons, group classes, and individually tailored supportive services by phone.

Group Classes

Learn and practice skills around controlled distractions in an environment that encourages you to be consistent. Sign up with a friend or two and schedule a location convenient for you - or meet at a local veterinary clinic!

Private Training

For those dog/family teams that thrive on the convenience of lessons in their home. I'll come to your place or meet at the location of your choice, and work specifically on achieving your training goals for your dog.

Puppy Training

Our training offers new puppy parents a variety of options for providing their new puppy with education and socialization opportunities.

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